Vision & Mission


Research: High quality research in all areas of IE.
Pedagogy: Innovative academic programs on IE.
Advocacy: Initiatives for promotion of IE.
Dissemination: Activities for bringing awareness on social implications of use of information in the society.



  • To promote multidisciplinary collaborative research in the areas such as privacy, IPR, surveillance society, gender issues, media issues, misinformation & disinformation, information use in different cultural contexts and cultural attitudes related to these contexts, information and indigenous communities etc.
  • To design courses on subjects related to the above.
  • To regularly organize workshops on different aspects of use of information in the society and its impact on humans.
  • To initiate and work with different groups promoting IE and its social impact
  • To organize national/international conferences on the above.
  • To collaborate with both governmental and non-governmental national/international institutions/agencies, industries, and policy makers to effectively implement the Vision and the Mission.
  • To make Recommendations to respective statutory bodies for inclusion of ethical and moral values of information in the policy documents.