The CDLTR provides the following services:

  • Support the university in developing e-learning strategies
  • Conduct needs assessment to prioritise capacity enhancement 
  • Network and build collaborations with similar units in India and abroad
  •  Instructional Design & Quality  support to faculty in developing online courses
  • E-learning support to university faculty & students 
  • Manage the Learning Management System
  • Plan, schedule and conduct professional development workshops 
  • Address requests for new e-learning technologies
Individual Teachers
  • Instructional Design
  • Using video conferencing platforms
  • Creating & Administering Online Courses
  • Recording, Editing & hosting video lectures for university courses and other platforms such as SWAYAM, SWAYAMPRABHA, NPTEL etc
  • Course Documentation (including Programme Objectives, Course Objectives, Course Outcomes, Credits)
  • Formulating student assessment and evaluations
  • Facilitating understanding of educational technologies (EdTech)
  • Internship opportunities
  • Research on EdTech
  • Tips on learning using EdTech for effective learning
Academic Units
  • Creating & Administering Online Courses
  • Conducting Professional Development Workshops
  • Providing educational technology support at the Centre
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