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2-day workshop on Online Teaching: Tools & Techniques | Centre for Digital Learning, Training & Resources

The Centre for Digital Learning, Training & Resources conducted a two-day workshop in three batches for faculty of University of Hyderabad between August 22-28, 2020.

The objectives of the online workshops were to:

  • Orient faculty members to online teaching methods & pedagogy
  • Introduce them to free and open source tools
  • Introduce them to learnX, the university’s newly set up Learning Management System

Over 200 faculty members participated in the three workshops held over a period of six days–two per batch. Each batch consisted of faculty members from a set of disciplines.

Faculty members were introduced to tools such as Google Meet, Google Classroom and online assessment tools available as FOSS. They were also provided with briefs on copyright and pedagogical tips on teaching online after the university resumed its academic activity.

On the second day of each workshop, faculty members were introduced to the key features of the LMS based on Open edX and its capabilities in administering a course end-to-end.


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