The Centre for Digital Learning, Training & Resources plays a pivotal role in advancing digital education and training. From MOOCs to specialised courses, its facilities cater to diverse needs.

The Vice-chancellor, UoH, recently approved tariffs for different stakeholders. Let’s explore the tariff rates for different stakeholders. But before that, let’s explore the services and facilities that CDLTR offers.


Check out the services that CDLTR offers


All the facilities CDLTR is endowed with

Who do we serve?
  • External Agencies including Universities, Colleges, Research Institutions etc
  • Development & Production of Courses for SWAYAM MOOCs
  • Development and Production of Courses for Not-for-Profits
  • Development & Production of videos for DTH SWAYAMPRABHA
  • UoH-Funded Courses
  • Full-time Courses offered by UoH

Go through the cost-effective and transparent tariffs we offer to each of the stakeholders.

External Agencies

Universities, Colleges etc


and Not-for-Profits


for broadcasting

UoH-Funded Courses

including CDVL

The CDLTR bridges the gap between traditional and digital learning. By understanding the tariff rates, faculty, organizations, and participants can make informed decisions. Let’s embrace the digital revolution together! 🌟

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