The scheduled conference is a sequel to Hyderabad Conferences (2020 and 2021) and the recent Khanty-Mansyisk conference (2021), this conference on “Emerging Technologies and Changing Dynamics of Information“, 07-09 September 2021, aims at re-examining and analysing information in the ever-changing technological developments in an uneven world.

The conference will focus on the following themes:

  1. Information for Development


  • Flaws in Information development and dissemination and increasing inequalities.
  • Adverse effects of “engineering” information by regulators.
  • Issues concerning information privacy and security.


  1. Information Literacy


  • Structuring AI and digital approaches to social media
  • Building digital ecosystems with priority on human beings and environmental sustainability.
  • Alternative strategies to counter disinformation, fake news etc. and to mobilize people especially the most venerable.
  • Reviewing existing policies on use of digital technologies and AI for data control by the users.


  1. Information Preservation


  • Digitalization of information for preservation and dissemination.
  • Selectivity in information preservation and its impact on society.
  • Use and misuse of AI in preserving information.


  1. Information Ethics


  • Inclusion of social and cultural ethos of divergent societies in AI ethics.
  • Strengthening the mechanism for Digital Wellness (DW).
  • Designing AI ethics by involving multi stakeholders.


  1. Information Accessibility


  • Differential access to technologies and information.
  • Adverse effects of regulated information sharing in different societies.
  • Technology and regulatory constraints in information accessibility.


  1. Multilingualism


  • Policies and strategies for protecting multilingualism using modern technologies in the context of International Decade of Indigenous Languages.
  • Language change and marginalization in intercultural communication.
    • Significance of local knowledge systems (LKS) for building local AIs for sustainable development and inclusion.
    • Sensitization of AI and digital technologies developers to be inclusive of knowledge of local communities for sustainable environment and strengthening democratic process.


The above themes may be addressed in relation to the following three SDGs with expected outcomes. These themes are suggestive in nature. However speakers can also select any topic related to the aim of the conference.