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Student Training Programme on Converting Innovative Ideas into Entrepreneurial Products | Erasmus+ Innotal University of Hyderabad

Many a time people struggle to convert their innovative ideas into products in order to become successful entrepreneurs. Usually, the experiences of the others become learnings to overcome the hurdles encountered in the path of converting ideas into products. The spirit of the one-day online training programme for the students on “Converting Innovative Ideas into Entrepreneurial Products”, held on 13 October 2021, centred around different approaches to deal with problems in converting ideas into products. Prof. Siva Prasad who coordinated the workshop.

Mr. Nitin Bidi, a social entrepreneur and a business leader, and Co-founder Mvate Energies Pvt. Ltd., vividly explained the issues and problems associated with converting ideas. He spoke on how to start a company, how to solve a problem by thinking out of box. He explained how useful ideas are supported by venture capitalists, angel investors, etc., who also will take care of legal, accounting and other aspects. He demonstrated his successful venture of converting plastic into diesel. Students have actively interacted with him. Prof. J. Prabhakar Rao, Director, India Centre of Excellence in Information Ethics (ICEIE) is the manager of the project.

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